Bringing Competition into the Classroom

By Julia Parsons

Many of our students view Miss Miklos’ math classes as some of the “most fun” classes on campus; if you’ve met her or had a chance to observe her in action, it’s pretty clear how this master teacher engages her students in complex upper level classes like Pre-Calculus. The secret sauce to her success in bringing light and life to difficult math equations seems to be her ability to tap into the natural competitive spirit that resides in most teenagers. She is clearly a passionate content area specialist who knows her math formulas backwards and forwards, but rather than standing behind a desk, lecturing on these concepts and assigning huge sets of problems for homework, Miss Miklos has taken this traditional approach and turned it on it’s head. For her Hy-Flex Pre-Calculus class, for example, she has made videos of her lectures that students can watch at home, pausing and rewatching when needed. This frees up valuable class time for exciting class collaborations and competitions where students work together to race to be the first to answer problems. It’s amazing to see how enthused students get when given the chance to work with their friends on a whiteboard, practicing real world problem solving. To read more about Miss Miklos’ class, click here.

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