Waves: Seeing the Unseen

Recently in Mr. David Dekker’s Physics class, he had his students build a Wave Machine to better visualize a wave. Read what Mr. Dekker said about his Wave Machine below:

The purpose of the wave machine is to help students visualize and understand Simple Harmonic Motion. SHM includes pendulums, mass/spring systems and waves! The wave machine is always a big hit in class because the students are able to experience first-hand the concepts that are being taught in class. We are able to use this wave machine to demonstrate a transverse wave, a wave pulse vs. a continuous wave, wave interference, wave reflection and much more. At the end of my planned demo I allow the students to ask questions of their own and test it on the wave machine. Overall it is just a simple, fun way to experience waves in the classroom. The wave machine is made out of kabob sticks with jelly candies at the end to provide weights. It took about 10 or 15 minutes to build with the help of my class and can easily be rolled up and stored for use in future years.



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