Press Conference

The following post is written by OLu Junior Humanities Academy intern Max Krusiewisz

Mr. Medina paces the room. His students are wide eyed and eager. He pauses and looks up. He smiles. His eyes twinkle. Then he opens his mouth.

“And… now.”

Immediately, the class room erupts with bursting questions.

Hold up. Let me back up a minute to explain.


It’s the first day back at Orange Lutheran, the start of the new year. As the students pile in to 8th period Journalism class they find their new teacher standing at the front of the room. It’s Mr. Medina, the Honors English 3 teacher and experienced journalist.


Most classes receive a syllabus on their first day back at school. The syllabus is designed to inform the class of the curriculum and rules of the classroom. However, Mr. Medina has a different idea in store today. He quickly introduces himself and assigns us our first mission as journalists. We are to brainstorm for five minutes on questions about our future class. When the allotted is up we will hold our first press conference on Mr. Medina about the year.


Excitedly, every student brainstorms and soon the press conference begins. Mr. Medina answers firing questions from each student, concerning grades, assignments, rules, and of course, Orange Lutheran’s school magazine, The Cornerstone.


Most classes on the first day are boring. There is a syllabus handed out, there are rules enforced, and everyone relaxes into the school year. Mr. Medina cleverly incorporated his own class into a boring thing like a syllabus and engaged his class. AND, it was fun. It geared up his journalists for the new year immediately.


As we left class that day Mr. Medina inspired us: As journalists, we are “history’s first author!”

What a way to start the school year!


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