The Scarlet Letter

Post Written by Emily Ward, Honors  Freshmen English 2 Teacher

To step into the themes of the story, we did a Scarlet Letter Project! We asked students to make a letter as attractive as sin and let it blaze upon their bosoms for two school days.
On the first day, we asked them to conceal the meaning of their letter, like the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale who hides behind lies for much of the story as he is afraid to reveal his true self and risk the judgement of others. On the second day, we asked students to bravely and honestly reveal the meaning of their sin when others asked, like Hester who confronts her sin. From Hester, readers learn that wisdom, character, and strength often develop through hardship and struggle, and that those who have endured the most hardship are often the most wise and compassionate people.


Stay Tuned to Hear Quotes from Student Reflections of the Experience


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